Design your life and happiness β€œIt is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” MAHATMA GANDHI Mental Health Week 2020 Maintain Wellness

What is Holistic Mental Health?


Moving your body each day, in an enjoyable way, is essential to your overall health.


Understand your place and the impact you have on the environment.


Learn how to communicate your feelings & emotions with yourself and others.


Know the guiding values, principles and beliefs that lead you in your life.


Valuing and connecting with other people is so important. Both with your inner circle and the wider community.


Feed your body natural whole foods at regular intervals and maintain hydration.


Exercise your unique creativity, thoughts, learning processes, and engage yourself in the world.


Strive to maintain a high level of personal satisfaction and enjoyment from the work you do.

My 50 Happy Activities

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Managing your mental health


Self Discovery

Learn how to discover & meet your needs while reducing your stress.

Self Care

Find tools that work for you to maintain a positive self-care routine.

Taking Charge

Build confidence to jump into the driver's seat of your life.


My Blog

Thoughts and stories from my life which I share with you. I share these to open up a conversation, to remove fear and shame from other women who are living a similar experience. I share my stories so you know that you aren't alone in the way you think and feel.