November 2020

Fast forward a few years from my first brush with depression and it seemed like I had picked up the pieces and re-stacked them nicely. From the outside, all appeared well. Now a single Mum to my 7-year old I had purchased my second property which was a beautiful and spacious 5-year-old home in a semi-rural location. I had a high paying management role in a career that I had been steadily growing through over the past decade. I was travelling a lot for work, both nationally and internationally which I enjoyed but as a parent, it wasn't ideal to be working such crazy hours. The commute through Auckland from home to school, to my office, was a 1.5-hour journey, each way. The stress piled on and again I started to indulge in a little too much wine in the evening to "relax". It was less a relaxation and more a band-aid for the inner turmoil and desperation I was feeling.