February 2021

Good friends are what makes life great 💜 This here is a picture of my most scaredy/uncomfortable face. On my happy activities list, I added “ride a horse” why? No idea. Think I’ve watched far too much Longmire on Netflix. Anyway, it turned out to be super terrifying and a not-so-happy activity. I had sweaty pits, full-on heart palpitations and crazy anxiety from start to finish. I didn’t even sit on the horse long enough for my celebratory pic at the end because I just wanted to get off him and social distance. Thank goodness I didn’t take this activity on alone and instead I went with a great and patient friend. I was allocated the “grumpy” horse who seemed extra agitated that day and was about 67 times taller than me. When they were saddling him up and told me how “he bites bums and stomps on feet” I wouldn’t even get within 2m of him. There was no way I was getting on him. I would’ve paid again just to sit in the car and wait. Happily.

Do you know what sucks? Food shopping, when you don't want to grocery shop. You are about to learn one of my GREATEST life hacks of all time. Grab a cuppa and pull up a chair, your life is about to change. So you grabbed my snazzy chore chart. You opted in for the cooking because you don't want to eat chicken nuggets and sausages every night. This means you want to be in charge of shopping. Partly because, control freak, partly because then you have everything you need (and want) to cook. I say you, but obviously, I mean me. This is how it went for me. Maybe it's the same for you? Ok, well now we are at the business end of the problem