Self care

An extroverted introvert. Am I one? Are you one? Confused? Me too. Ever made plans with all the enthusiasm in the world only to change your mind the minute you leave the social situation you are in and wish you hadn't? I often get caught up in a moment and agree to things that I actually would rather not do. Then I have to pain myself to find ways to get out of it.

I’ve always needed a lot of time alone. Maybe this comes from being an only child. Maybe it comes from being an introvert. Sharing a home office this year for a few weeks reminded me how much I need my own space. I realised this very quickly and set about creating a space, just for me.

I have been speeding through life, my whole life. Hitting milestones feel as vital to me as oxygen. Chasing the approval of other people was the primary motivator. Often, and ridiculously, I have found myself chasing the approval of people I don't even aspire to be.

The one line that I’ve probably heard more than any other in my life is, "be patient". Patience isn’t something I’ve ever been interested in entertaining. Not even a little bit. When I decide to do something, I jump in boots and all—every time. I focus a HUGE amount of energy on achieving my goal, and I usually do achieve it, but I burn myself out in the process.