Jenna Brown

Jenna Brown

Cheers to the weekend

On Friday night we were kid free so Chris and I went to the local pub for date night dinner and beersies as a bit of a treat.

This is a post to cover the whole weekend because, well, I’ve been a busy little bee 🙂

On Friday night we were kid free so Chris and I went to the local pub for date night dinner and beersies as a bit of a treat. I had the zero percent Heineken and Chris had regular Heineken. I was concerned I was going going to have a stink first night out with no alcohol but it was the opposite! We had 2 beers each and dinner (chicken schnitzel for me, wedges for Chris) and then we headed home. I had a really nice time, we chatted, there was a friendly pub vibe going on but I didn’t feel loud or cloudy or any alcohol buzz, all the good and none of the bad! Wahoo

I went home had my herbal tea and proceeded to watch cult docos on Netflix. I always enjoy a good cult doco, one of my most recent faves, which is still on Netflix, is called wild wild country and it’s about an Indian Guru called Bhagwan (aka) Osho. He and his people, including a crazy right hand woman named Ma Sheela moved from India to America and invaded a small country town, took the whole thing over for years and it all ended with an escape on a plane and the FBI in hot pursuit, high drama stuff. Super interesting watch if you’re into that kind of thing I highly recommend it.

Saturday was spent out and about running errands, filling up the soda stream cylinder, hitting the library and buying some seedlings for my summer Vege garden. Funny story actually, at the library I picked up a random selection of books. One is called Human Design. I was on the look out for books on hypnotherapy but couldn’t even find one? So strange. Anyway, I’ve been hearing a bit about Human Design online and I don’t know what it is so i thought I’d check it out. I start reading and what do you know, the book starts off with a dedication to Osho! The cult leader/guru from that wild wild country Netflix doco, what are the odds! Now I’m unsure whether to take the book too seriously or not but I’ll flick through and have a read. From what I can tell so far it’s like astrology on steroids, a lot more specific than the generic Capricorn, Pisces, Libra model but is supposed to enlighten you about the grand plan of your life and see whether or not you’re on track. I’ll let you know how I get on with that.

As far as the trip to mitre 10 went I got some great deals on seedlings and I’ve planted courgette, cucumber, Scarlett runner beans and tomatoes. For the first year I’m going to try growing my cucumbers in flexi-bins rather than letting them take over my whole garden.

Chris has been working really hard on his worm farm in our giant compost bin so we dug out some of that soil gold and pooped that in the garden and around the passionfruit, there are just so many worms it’s outrageous. Can’t wait to see how the produce turns out, I bet it’ll be amazing. I’m also trying to design a bit of a berry cage for my raspberries and blackberries this year so they don’t get stolen by the birds an hour before the ripen like they did last year.

My vege garden
The compost and worms

Saturday evening we had a family friends 50th birthday party which was held at my Mum’s house, she has the perfect party property. Usually this type of event would really set my wine alarm bell going, loads of friends, family and acquaintances and a place I would usually have a few vinos or if I was having time off booze I just wouldn’t go.

This time I grabbed a 4 pack of sparkling grapefruit water and a 6 pack of zero percent Heineken’s and Chris and I shared them as he decided he didn’t want to drink either. We had a delicious buffet dinner of roast meat, salads and some amazing sourdough bread from a wonderful baker friend of mine. With 40 or so people in front of a fire next to the river, bliss.

I wondered if I would still socialise without the social lubricant or have good conversations and the weird part was that I talked to more people and had better conversations! Conversations with some depth, how wonderful. I’m wondering if all the ease this time around can be attributed to the book by Allen Carr: the easy way for women to stop drinking. I think it’s definitely helped in some way.

We stayed about 3 hours and then we were ready to leave, it was pretty cold and the smoke from the fire pit was burning my eyes. Unsure how I used to cope when I was a cigarette smoker, can’t even stand fire smoke now. Made my clothes and hair smell. Can’t imagine what I must have smelled like to others when I was a smoker. It’s been years now and that was one of the biggest habits I ever broke.

Needless to say I woke up this morning fresh as a daisy, though at 9am! My sleep has been just fantastic. I go to sleep at night and then that’s it I’m asleep until the morning. No more all night anxiety or broken sleep. I have been learning a little about hypnotherapy online and I did self hypnosis on myself last night. It was super interesting to try. I can’t tell if it worked properly or not because I was also really tired so I think I need to try it when I’m not so tired. I do have an appointment with a real hypnotherapist this week so I guess I’ll be able to tell the difference then. Interested to hear from you in the comments below if you’ve had hypnotherapy and how you found the experience.

As I said, we woke a bit late today. We promised we would go go-karting but when I called it was all booked out damn it. Now we are booked in for next week instead. Not wanting to waste the last day of the school holidays we decided to take a day trip roadie to Palmerston North and shop at Kmart. All 3 of us were super excited despite the 3.5 hour (each way) journey. We had a nice game of eye spy and some naughty road trip snacks on the way there.

I got a few cool things:

  • New journal
  • Mandala colouring in book
  • Seamless sports bras
  • Frisbee for Beau
  • Square griddle frying pan
  • Lollies for the kids for Halloween
  • A 750ml stainless drink bottle
  • Micro fibre cloths
  • Oven mit

I was also eyeing up a new boogie board for summer and an air fryer but I’m still not convinced the air fryer will get enough use. I don’t know anyone who raves about theirs and don’t really have the bench space.

We are on the way home now and just stopped to get Wendy’s for dinner. I haven’t had Wendy’s for years, used to get it all the time in Auckland. It was quite gross, so I guess I can stop feeling like I miss that now. I used to love all that rubbish takeaway food when I was younger but now it makes me feel like crap and I’d prefer to eat something fresh and nutritious.

No longer in my thoughts

That’s it for the weekend. We should be home around 8pm and I can see my poor doggo who has had to spend the past 7-8 hours alone, basically dog neglect, I hope he hasn’t called anyone to report us. He’s a pretty big baby sometimes but that’s ok because I love him so much. I hope you’ve had a nice weekend too and have an amazing week!


Disclaimer: The J Word NZ and its media content are created based on my own experiences and opinions, as well as those individuals who share their stories with me. I do not have any formal medical or mental health qualifications. If you are experiencing any issues with mental health, please consult your doctor or a medical health professional for advice.

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