Jenna Brown

Jenna Brown

Float Therapy.

If you had told me a year ago, I’d be singing praises about soaking nude in a float tank full of salt I would have laughed you off the planet.

My Mum kindly gifted me one float therapy voucher for Xmas this year, and it was the most useful gift I may have ever received.

To say I was a little unsure about it, to begin with, was an understatement, but she swore by it, and I’ll give most things a go. Wow. What a TREAT! I fell in love with this feeling immediately and was ready to rebook right away.

Self-care is essential, and something I now take very seriously in my life. Parenting, being a family member, being a friend, dealing with people, in general, can all take a toll on your wellness.

I’ve learned that you can’t fill anyone else’s cup when yours is empty, so you need to take care of yourself first. Take care of yourself by doing things that you enjoy, things that make you happy, things that help you to feel calm and centred.

One of the BEST self-care therapies I have found so far is floatation therapy. Among the many different things I’ve tried, this has got to be my favourite. 

I now float once a month, for an hour, and have been doing so for the last six months. The sensory deprivation is something else. Not being able to see, hear, feel, smell or taste anything is one of the most relaxing things in this busy world. The weight is lifted from my shoulders as I lay in half a tonne of Epsom salt, floating and relaxed.

Some of the health benefits of floating are:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Reduction of stress
  • Reduction of anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Pain management
  • Detox
  • Calming your mind

If you’ve never heard of it, or you’ve meant to give it a go I highly recommended that you do. But beware, you’ll probably get hooked, like me. 

The rest you get in one hour is equivalent to an 8-hour sleep. 8 hours!

Relax, rejuvenate and recover is the mantra of The Floatation Sanctuary, which is where I float, and they aren’t wrong. Once you get to know that feeling of calm, you want more.

Calm is a superpower, after all. Watch out, superman.


Disclaimer: The J Word NZ and its media content are created based on my own experiences and opinions, as well as those individuals who share their stories with me. I do not have any formal medical or mental health qualifications. If you are experiencing any issues with mental health, please consult your doctor or a medical health professional for advice.

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