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Chore Chart

In our house, there is a clear division of labour.

We sat down as a family, wrote a list (I love my lists) of all the household chores and the frequency in which we think they need to be tended to. We said, “let’s go through the list with the intention that we will split it up 50/50 and hopefully no one gets too many jobs that they hate”.

We carried on down the list and what do you know it was near on a perfect split. What we each considered the super crap jobs, the other didn’t. What kind of magic is this?!

Household chores and cleaning are a necessary part of life BUT you don’t have to get stuck doing all the crappy jobs. Of course, it will look different for every type of family and will require some customization. Naturally, I did create a final master list which I am happy to share with you if you would like to give it a go with your family.

My 50 Happy Activities

Grab this awesome visual prompt to create your own happiness!

Print it off, add the 50 happy activities you would like to achieve this year,
and tick them off as you experience all your happy adventures.

If you need any tips about what to put on yours send me a message. My friends and I use these every year and do loads of fun activities together. You could even make one for your whole family. Or just worry about yourself and give them their own copy.

My Evening Routine
(5-Steps to relaxation)

Want to learn my routine for restful and relaxing sleep? I would love to share it with you. We all know that a bad nights sleep can affect our whole day.

Download my step by step guide by clicking the link on the image.

If you want to – you can even print out my beautiful 5-step guide, stick it to your wall, follow the steps and enjoy the best night sleep. Who doesn’t want that?!

Wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated, ready to take on the world!

I’d love to hear how it works for you, send me a message and let me know.