The J Word NZ

Instruction #1

Nothing that has ever come easily to me has made a long-lasting impression.

It’s the things that I have to work at, the risks taken along the way, and the sacrifices I have had to make that let me know I have really succeeded and achieved something great. Often the longer and harder the journey, the greater it feels when you reach that end goal.

We live in a world of instant gratification. Wanting everything faster, bigger, better and cheaper. Waiting, sometimes desperately, for the phone notification, food to arrive at the door, money in the bank, the bathroom scales to show a lower number or our once yearly holiday date to arrive. Once that happens we tick that box and move on to the next “want”.

What if we dove a bit deeper, challenged ourselves to get vulnerable and put ourselves on the line in order to achieve the things in life that really fulfil us. Not the surface “wants” but the desires that drive us each and every day. The things we put off to tackle another day, later on. When we have got all the other boxes ticked off. When the kids move out or the mortgage is paid off or you reach retirement age. Next days, weeks, months and years are not given to everyone.

What would happen if instead of trying to meet all the markers in our “grand plan” and instead took a risk toward great love and great achievement today? ❤️

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