The J Word NZ

Instruction #12

I have always felt very comfortable at home and as I grow older I tend to want to spend more and more time in its comforts, I have never really liked being away from home, especially not overnight. I like the comfort of having everything I need and I like to keep everything in an orderly clean and tidy way.

There is absolutely no better feeling in the world, in my opinion than sitting down to relax in a freshly tidied, clean house. Surrounded by the people and things you love. Wait, maybe not always surrounded by people. Sometimes it is a great feeling to be home alone. Creating a calm and happy atmosphere in your home set the tone of the rest of your life. Home is your safe haven, your place to enjoy, rest and relax.

At the moment my home is coming alive with plants and I just LOVE it! I love the natural vibe and aesthetic.

Other than people, what’s your favourite thing in your home?

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