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Instruction #15

Here in New Zealand Mother Earth is known as Papatuanuku. In Maori culture, Papatuankuku represents both the nourishing that land provides, as well as everything living on the land. Papatuanuku is a female figure who gives birth to all things including people, trees, and animals. She is the female creator of life. If we all think about this cycle of life as an entirely interconnected force I think we would treat the earth a lot more respectfully.

In an era of disconnectedness, we have sadly lost touch with both the joy of nature and the protection of our planet. We live in a perpetual race to the top. A race to wealth and a race to be bigger, better, the best. A race to achieve status, a race to have power and control. Somewhere along the way, we forgot that if we do not care for our planet, our oceans, our rivers, our home, then we will doom our entire species. The planet will survive long after we have wiped ourselves out. But it doesn’t have to track that way.

This week in New Zealand our prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, declared a climate emergency. This means that the government will actively communicate the importance of acting in an environmentally friendly way, creating forward-thinking plans to assist in the reversal of global warming. One of the governments ambitious, but achievable goals is to attain carbon neutrality in the public sector by 2025.

This is a wonderful step for NZ and the world. As of today’s date (05/12/2020), 1800 local governments in 33 countries have signed the climate emergency declaration. I personally hope more countries get on board so we can collectively work together to make lasting positive change.

Here are some great ways that you can help:

– Composting food scraps at your home
– Grow your own food in a vegetable garden
– Avoid single-use plastic
– Recycle – we can now even bundle up our soft plastics and take them to the local Countdown store, yay
– Donate used clothing to charity shops
– We have a fruit and veg stall outside our home for our neighbours to trade homegrown produce, it works really well!
– Buy local where you can, to avoid transportation emissions
– Limit the amount of meat consumed in your house, think meat free Monday or every second day meat free
– Use LED lightbulbs
– Seal your windows
– Insulate your home
– Ditch cling wrap and use containers instead
– Buy glass not plastic
– Shop consciously, look for goods made ethically and locally

There are so many ways you can look after the earth, if you have any awesome environmentally friendly tips that I haven’t mentioned, pop them in the comments!
I am always on the hunt for ways to improve.

Take care of yourself and Papatuanuku.


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