The J Word NZ

Instruction #17

Being in a relationship of mutual trust and respect is something I thought I would never attain, based on my past experiences. When I finally found it, I was absolutely delighted. It felt different. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world knowing that someone is there for you, someone who isn’t going to fire your vulnerable moments back at you in the future and someone that you can leave, feeling confident of their choices and actions, even when you aren’t around to see.

Sometimes, when you have experienced unstable relationships in your past, it can be hard to open up and trust another person. I struggled a lot with this in the beginning of my relationship. Huge trust issues, lack of confidence and a looming feeling of doom. I often felt like I wasn’t good enough for such a loving and caring person. I waited, and waited, for it to all come crashing down around me. Waiting to be found out, waiting for him to realise I actually wasn’t good enough.

It took a lot of work on myself to turn this thinking around, let go of my insecurities and open up my heart. It took a lot of courage, trust and a huge change in mindset. I honestly believe that until you strike up a loving relationship with yourself, you will struggle to form a healthy and loving relationship with another person. No one else can make you whole, only you can do that. Once you are on the right path, and you meet another person on their right path, that’s a stroke of absolute MAGIC.


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