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Instruction #18

One of my biggest achievements, recently, was being able to run 2.4km in 12.27. Yes, I was racing to make 12.15 to join the NZ police and yes I was 7 seconds too slow but when I first decided I would train for this, almost a year earlier, my very first runtime was 2.4km in 22 mins. I am not joking. I had only quit smoking about a year prior and I had been smoking for approx 15 years on and off. I was about 5kg overweight and had never run a day in my life. The challenge was HUGE. Really huge.

The next 6 months were spent counting calories, running 6 times a week, shedding 5 kg, working on my non-existent leg strength and no alcohol. After about 4 attempts at the grading, as I slowly increased my speed, I was able to run 6 laps of that track non-stop and complete the 2.4km in 12.27. Although I didn’t pass, that was a hell of an achievement for me. I gave up a lot to get there, literally – blood, sweat and tears. I also gained a lot, a lot of satisfaction and pride in myself.

I put this win down to a great team of supporters. Chris was absolutely amazing and supportive, as were my friends and family. I have never been a fit person or even had a desire to be a fit person so this was a massive achievement. Although life threw me on a different path, in the end, I have still kept up with fitness and have now decided to take on a Half Marathon in July 2021.

Here’s to the next challenge, wish me luck.

What is your biggest achievement, and what did you sacrifice?


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