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Instruction #2

Instruction #2

Ever felt like you are going around in circles and experiencing the same situations repeated in your life? Until you learn the lesson life is trying to teach you, it keeps throwing you the exact same situations over and over again – but in different ways.

I have found that when I lose at something, it’s not always a bad thing. No matter how much I have wanted something and how disappointed I might feel there really is always a reason and something else waiting right around the corner, something better.

In becoming more aware of why something keeps happening, and removing the “why me” mindset you can quickly move into the “what is this trying to teach me” mindset and learn the lesson a lot faster.

Next time you feel disappointed, or like you have lost something, try analysing “what is the lesson here” and you might be able to pull yourself through it with a lot more ease, and a lot less stress.

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