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Instruction #5

Instruction #5

This is an interesting one. Learn the rules. Break them. Do it properly. This is a process that I think we all naturally participate in, through every stage of life. From the time we take our first breath we start learning rules, habits, traditions, laws, whatever you want to call “the rules”. We walk around, hands outstretched trying to locate the boundaries. Sometimes the boundaries aren’t really acceptable to us, so we push further. Tweens and teens seem to have the highest ability to locate the area just on the other side of your boundary fence, it’s like a special git they receive once leaving primary school and transitioning into intermediate school.

I have always had a very black and white view of “the rules”. Following rules or guidelines allowed me to feel like I was doing the “right thing”, and it also allowed me to feel comfortable and safe. If I stayed in the lines then everything would be safe and OK. So what happens when 2020 strikes and all of a sudden all of the regular rules get tossed out of the window and everything changes, just like that?

Well, I think it gave me pause to really take a look at ALL of the rules. I think the whole of society is putting more thought into this shifted way of living at the moment and people are making a lot of changes to their own lives as a result. Picking up hobbies, changing careers, leaving their jobs to pursue dreams of self-employment, making changes to bad relationships, you name it, it’s happening. We have all realized, life is too short and some rules keep us fearful and trapped in a system, whether we like it or not. Once you learn what they are you can set yourself free!

I think there has been a certain amount of “hamster wheel” happening worldwide, definitely in my life anyway, and when the wheel was turned off and locked down, we all got off, shook off our legs, took a look around and made a reassessment. I no longer subscribe to the notion of the 9-5 workweek. I don’t subscribe to feeling pressured into being a part of the national money amassing machine. I don’t subscribe to the theory that my life exists to work and pay taxes until I am old enough to retire and enjoy my life. I will never subscribe to that way of thinking ever again. Another thing I will never be forced into again are situations with any person that is toxic to my mental health and it doesn’t matter who that might be. Colleagues, clients, family members, acquaintances, people in general who bring you down aren’t good for your soul and my precious energy is there to spend on those who lift me up and that I can lift up in return.

For me, those old rules, they have been broken and I am so thankful that this shift has happened for me now, while I still have a lot of life ahead of me to enjoy. There is a real sense of empowerment in designing your own rules for your own life. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone else, why wouldn’t you start right now!


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