The J Word NZ

Instruction #8

Spending time alone is nourishment for your soul.

Taking time to sit back, think and reflect on your experiences is crucial in getting to know your own mind and coping with the compounding feelings that life serves us every day.

I find consistent outside influence so detrimental to my inner peace, and mental health, that it causes me real discomfort at times. Once I start to notice that I feel crowded and need space I can feel myself growing resistance to anyone and anything I feel restricted by. When it gets to this point spending time alone is no longer desired, it is required.

I take space by journaling, meditation, float therapy and exercising by myself. These are some of the most enjoyable activities that I do because I get time to just be me. Without any responsibilities, obligations or other peoples’ needs at the front of my mind. I am free. Free to be me.

This is a time to take care of my own important needs.
My need to take some quiet time.
My need to separate the noise of the world from my own inner voice.
My time to just listen within.

Spending time alone every day isn’t a selfish act. It is a necessary act. It is the action that you take to preserve yourself. It’s the action I take to be a better Mum, a better partner, a better family member and a better friend.

it’s a choice. I choose to make myself a priority.

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