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7-Day Journaling Challenge


Take the 7-day Journaling challenge to manage your stress levels and mental health.



Ready to take charge of your wellness and explore the amazing tool of journaling?
Start your journaling practise with this 7-day challenge. I will show you many different ways of journaling including daily prompts and useful information about the journaling process and what outcomes you can expect to get.

We will cover the benefits journaling offers for:

  • Stress relief
  • Organising your thoughts
  • Managing your thinking patterns
  • Allowing you reflection time
  • Inspiring creativity
  • Boosting your memory
  • recording ideas

Join me on this challenge and set yourself up with brand new healthy habits. Journaling is so great for your mind and your mental health. Learn the different journaling skills available and allow me to encourage and support you along the way!

Note – BYO Journal.


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