Let's open conversations and unpack mental health.

Join me in radio discussions about mental health, wellness … and life in general. We explore topics that you may resonate with, find interesting or are curious to learn more about. If there is a topic you would like me to cover, then send me a message, and I will find a way to shed a little more light on it for you.

I love opening conversations with people about their experiences, sharing tools and tactics for coping when times get tough and learning to celebrate the good times. We open up a safe space for expression and sparking conversations around mental health in the hope that listeners will do the same in their own lives.

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EP 4 - Wellness Wednesday - Managing The Festive Season & School Holidays.

Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Crez gives her top Christmas shopping tips and we talk about how to let go of criticism and take compliments instead. Navigating a Christmas during Covid and trying to relax.

EP 3 - Wellness Wednesday - Managing Social Media and Alcohol Consumption.

Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Crez and I talk about switching off from the noise on social media, tips toward maintaining good mental health, learning emotional algebra and kicking the booze.

Ep 2 - Wellness Wednesday: We Deep-Dive Into Chat About Toxic Relationships.

Wednesday 4th August 2021

We are talking about toxic relationships, how to recognise the signs, how to help others and yourself through these challenging life experiences.

Ep 1 - Wellness Wednesday: Talking anxiety, alcohol & post-natal depression.

Wednesday 7th July 2021

This is my first radio interview with Crezza from the Most FM in Taranaki. We talk about mental health, post-natal depression, anxiety and my experience with all of the above.

Disclaimer: The J Word NZ and its media content are created based on my own experiences and opinions, as well as those individuals who share their stories with me. I do not have any formal medical or mental health qualifications. If you are experiencing any issues with mental health, please consult your doctor or a medical health professional for advice.

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